Top 10 Tallest NFL Players In 2023 – 2024

The National Football League (NFL) has been home to some of the most imposing and physically towering athletes in the world of sports. Among these giants, a select few stand out not just for their on-field prowess but also for their remarkable height, which has set them apart as some of the tallest players to ever grace the gridiron.

At the pinnacle of these giants is Richard Sligh, who, at 7 feet tall, holds the distinction of being the tallest player in NFL history, making him a key figure in discussions about the league’s most physically imposing athletes.

Sligh’s extraordinary height set a benchmark for physical enormity in the league, making him a prominent figure among the tallest NFL players. Additionally, the realm of sports also highlights figures like the NFL cheerleaders, whose roles, while different, underscore the diverse aspects of the sports industry, including discussions around Average Wnba Salary

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Top 10 Tallest Players Of The National Football League (NFL)

1. Richard Sligh

Richard Sligh

The tallest player in NFL history, Richard Sligh stood at 7 feet tall. He played as a defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders. Despite his towering presence, Sligh’s NFL career was brief, highlighting the challenges even unique physical traits can face in professional football.

  • Height: 7’0″
  • Weight: 136 kg
  • Age: 54
  • Country: United States
  • Team: Oakland Raiders
  • Social Media: Not Available

2. Morris Stroud

Morris Stroud

A former tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Morris Stroud was known for his impressive height of 6’10”. His size made him a notable player during his time in the NFL, contributing both on the field and in special teams situations.

  • Height: 6’10”
  • Weight: 116 kg
  • Age: 70
  • Country: United States
  • Team: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Social Media: Not Available

3. Ed “Too Tall” Jones

Ed "Too Tall" Jones

Standing at 6’9″, Ed Jones earned his nickname “Too Tall” for obvious reasons. He played as a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, where his height and athleticism made him a formidable force on the defense.

  • Height: 6’9″
  • Weight: 109 kg
  • Age: 72
  • Country: United States
  • Team: Dallas Cowboys
  • Social media: Ed “Too Tall” Jones

4. Jonathan Ogdez

Jonathan Ogdez

Jonathan Ogden was a cornerstone for the Baltimore Ravens’ offensive line, playing as an offensive tackle. At 6’9″, his size, combined with his skill, made him one of the most dominant linemen of his era and earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame.

  • Height: 6’9″
  • Weight: 122 kg
  • Age: 49
  • Country: United States
  • Team: Baltimore Ravens
  • Social Media Handle: Not Available

5. Jared Veldheer

Jared Veldheer

Jared Veldheer, at 6’8″, played primarily as an offensive tackle. His career included stints with several teams, including the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals, showcasing his versatility and durability on the line.

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 112 kg 
  • Age: 36
  • Country: Not provided
  • Teams: Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers
  • Social Media Handle: Jared Veldheer

6. Dan McGwire

Dan McGwire

Standing at 6’8″, Dan McGwire, a quarterback, is best known for his time with the Seattle Seahawks. Despite his impressive height, McGwire’s NFL career didn’t reach the heights many expected when he was drafted.

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 103 kg 
  • Age: 56
  • Country: United States
  • Teams: Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins
  • Social Media Handle: Not available

7. Terrelle Pryor

 Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor, who is 6’6″, transitioned from quarterback to wide receiver over his NFL career. His athleticism allowed him to play for several teams, including the Oakland Raiders, showcasing his versatility.

  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 105 kg 
  • Age: 34
  • Country: United States
  • Teams: Oakland Raiders
  • Social Media Handle: Terrelle Pryor

8. Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson

Known as “Megatron,” Calvin Johnson was a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. At 6’5″, Johnson combined size with speed and agility to become one of the most dominant receivers in NFL history before his early retirement.

  • Height: 6’5″
  • Weight: 100+ kg
  • Age: 38
  • Country: United States
  • Team: Detroit Lions
  • Social Media Handle: Calvin Johnson

9. Julius Peppers

Julius Peppers

Julius Peppers, at 6’7″, was a defensive powerhouse, playing for teams like the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears. His height and athleticism made him one of the most feared defensive ends in the league.

  • Height: 6’7″
  • Weight: 106 kg
  • Age: 44
  • Country: Not provided
  • Teams: Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers
  • Social Media Handle: Julius Peppers

10. King Dunlap

King Dunlap

An offensive tackle, King Dunlap used his 6’9″ frame to protect quarterbacks and open running lanes for the Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers. His size was a significant asset in his role on the offensive line.

  • Height: 6’9″
  • Weight: 110 kg 
  • Age: 38 
  • Country: United States
  • Teams: Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers
  • Social Media Handle: King Dunlap

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who are some other notable tall NFL players besides Richard Sligh?
Ans: Some other notably tall NFL players include Ed “Too Tall” Jones (6’9″), Jonathan Ogden (6’9″), and Jared Veldheer (6’8″).

Q2: Has there been a trend towards taller players in the NFL over the years?
Ans: While there’s always been a place for tall players, the overall trend has been towards athleticism and skill, with height being an added advantage rather than a primary requirement.

Q3. Are there any specific challenges that taller NFL players face?
Ans: Taller players might face challenges such as a higher center of gravity affecting balan

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