Average Wnba Salary In 2024 : Highest,Lowest Paid & More

In 2024, the WNBA continues its journey towards improving player compensation, with the average salary reaching $147,745, a significant rise from previous years. This increase reflects the league’s ongoing efforts to address pay disparities and enhance the overall welfare of its athletes.

At the pinnacle of these efforts, Arike Ogunbowale, Diana Taurasi, and Jewell Loyd stand out as the highest-paid players, each earning $234,936, showcasing the potential for top talent in women’s basketball. Despite these strides, the gap between the WNBA and the NBA remains vast, with NBA salaries dwarfing those in the WNBA, highlighted by Stephen Curry’s staggering $48.07 million salary cap hit.

This disparity underscores the broader challenges faced by female athletes in professional sports. However, the WNBA’s proactive measures, including significant CBA improvements and revenue-sharing models, aim to gradually close this gap. The league’s efforts are not only about raising salaries but also about enhancing visibility, marketing opportunities, and player benefits, contributing to a more equitable and sustainable future for women’s basketball.

Rookie Salaries In The WNBA

WNBA rookie salaries are not guaranteed, with the 2023 scale starting at $74,305 for top picks and decreasing based on draft position. Salaries increase annually, with a team option in the fourth year. The structure highlights the financial challenges WNBA rookies face, contrasting with the NBA’s more lucrative deals. This contrast is similar to other sports professions, where roles like HOW MUCH DO NFL WATERBOYS MAKE? and HOW MUCH DOES AN NFL KICKER MAKE IN 2024 also reflect significant variances in compensation within the sports industry.

WNBA Salary Structure

  • 2022 Average Salary: The average salary for a WNBA player was $102,751, based on the earnings of 151 athletes. This figure sets a baseline for understanding the financial compensation of female professional basketball players.
  • 2023 Average Salary Increase: There was a significant increase in the average salary, rising to $147,745. This jump is indicative of the league’s efforts to improve compensation for its players, addressing pay disparity issues.
  • Growth in Higher Earnings: In 2022, only 14 players earned $200,000 or more. By 2023, this number increased to 21 players, highlighting an improvement in the salary structure and the league’s commitment to valuing its top talent, with players like Arike Ogunbowale, Diana Taurasi, and Jewell Loyd leading this group.
  • Breanna Stewart’s Salary Changes: Previously one of the top earners with $228,094 at Seattle, Stewart’s move to the New York Liberty for the 2023 season saw her salary capped at $175,000, making her the 32nd highest-paid player. This highlights the variability and negotiation in WNBA contracts and the financial considerations players face.

In short, the WNBA’s salary structure in 2023 reflects a league striving for better athlete compensation, marked by increased average salaries and more players earning above $200,000. However, Breanna Stewart’s situation underscores the complex negotiations and financial decisions athletes encounter in professional sports.

WNBA Vs NBA Salary Comparison

Top 15 Highest-Paid WNBA Players in 2023 – 2024

Here is a quick table showing the Top 15 Highest-Paid WNBA Players for the 2023–2024 season based on the information gathered from the Sporting Information article. It shows the top earners in the league:

What Efforts Are Being Made To Increase WNBA Salaries?

Average Wnba Salary
  1. Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Improvements: The WNBA and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) negotiated a landmark CBA in 2020, which is in effect until 2027. This agreement includes significant salary increases, improved travel conditions, and enhanced maternity benefits.
  2. Salary Increases: Under the new CBA, the maximum player salary was significantly increased, and the average compensation is expected to exceed six figures for the first time in league history, marking a substantial step forward in player earnings.
  3. Revenue Sharing Model: Starting from the 2021 season, the CBA introduced a 50-50 revenue sharing model based on the league achieving certain revenue growth targets. This model aims to tie player compensation more directly to the league’s financial success.
  4. Marketing and Licensing Agreements: The WNBA has been working on expanding its marketing and licensing agreements to increase league revenue. More lucrative deals mean more funds available for player salaries.
  5. Player Branding and Sponsorships: The new CBA also focuses on creating additional opportunities for players to earn income through individual branding and sponsorships, allowing players to leverage their personal brands for commercial endorsements.
  6. Investment in League Visibility: Efforts to increase the league’s visibility through better TV deals and digital platforms are expected to drive higher revenues, which, in turn, could lead to higher salaries. The WNBA has secured broadcasting agreements with several major networks, enhancing exposure and fan engagement.
  7. Support from NBA and Corporate Partnerships: The NBA and its teams have been supportive of the WNBA, with several initiatives aimed at promoting the women’s game. Corporate partnerships have also been instrumental in providing financial support and visibility to the league.
  8. Player-Led Initiatives: Players themselves have been vocal and active in advocating for better pay and conditions, using their platforms to raise awareness about the disparities in professional basketball and to push for change.


Q1. What is the maximum salary in the WNBA?

Ans. The maximum salary for WNBA players, as of the 2023 season, can reach up to approximately $234,936 for top players like Arike Ogunbowale, Diana Taurasi, and Jewell Loyd.

Q2. How does the WNBA salary compare to the NBA?

Ans. WNBA salaries are significantly lower than NBA salaries. For instance, the highest-paid player in the NBA, Stephen Curry, has a salary cap hit of around $48.07 million, which is roughly 204 times more than the top WNBA salaries.

Q3. Who are the highest-paid WNBA players in 2023-2024?

Ans. The top earners include Arike Ogunbowale, Diana Taurasi, and Jewell Loyd, all with a salary of $234,936.

Q4. How are WNBA salaries determined?

Ans. Salaries in the WNBA are determined by the league’s collective bargaining agreement, which includes factors like years of service, accolades, and team salary caps. Players can also earn additional income through endorsements and playing overseas during the WNBA offseason.

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