How Much Do NFL Waterboys Make ? [Updated 2024]

The role of an NFL waterboy is often underestimated, yet it offers a competitive salary and a unique set of benefits. On average, NFL waterboys earn around $53,000 per year, a figure that can vary based on the team and the individual’s experience. This salary is comparable to many traditional office jobs, challenging the perception that it’s a menial role.

Beyond the paycheck, NFL waterboys enjoy several perks, including professional development opportunities, as the position is seen as a stepping stone towards a career in NFL coaching. They gain valuable insights into professional sports management by following all the team’s trainings and games.

Close relationships with players and travel opportunities are part of the job, offering waterboys unique experiences and access to the world of professional sports. Additionally, they often receive free merchandise and game tickets, enhancing the appeal of the role. These benefits, combined with the potential for career advancement, make the position of an NFL waterboy highly desirable, despite the competitive nature of securing such a role.

Average Salary Details:

  • According to the information from both and MARCA, the average salary for an NFL waterboy is around $53,000 per year. This figure, however, can vary depending on the team’s status and the individual’s experience in the role.

Comparison with Other Office Positions:

  • The salary of an NFL waterboy is surprisingly competitive when compared to many traditional office jobs. While many might perceive the role of a waterboy as menial, the compensation is actually higher than that of many office positions, offering a respectable income.

Additional Perks and Benefits:

  • Beyond the salary, NFL waterboys enjoy several additional benefits:
    • Professional Development: The role is often seen as a stepping stone to a proper NFL coaching job. Waterboys have the opportunity to follow all the team’s trainings and games, gaining valuable insights into professional sports management.
    • Close Relationships with Players: They often develop close relationships with players, gaining an insider’s view of the team’s dynamics.
    • Travel Opportunities: Waterboys typically travel with the NFL team, providing them with unique experiences and access to the world of professional sports.
    • Free Merchandise and Game Tickets: They often receive free merchandise and tickets for NFL games.
    • Potential for Career Advancement: Demonstrating potential and skill in this role can lead to opportunities for promotion to coaching positions within the team.

Role And Responsibilities Of NFL Waterboys

How Much Do NFL Waterboys Make?

Qualifications and Networking:

  • To become an NFL waterboy, a high school diploma or equivalent is typically required.
  • Strong communication and management skills are essential.
  • Networking within the NFL is crucial, as many positions are secured through personal connections.

Responsibilities Beyond Hydration:

  • The primary duty of an NFL waterboy is to ensure players stay hydrated during games and training sessions.
  • They are responsible for filling up and distributing water bottles, as well as replenishing supplies as needed.
  • Waterboys also provide fresh towels for players and assist in other ways to maintain player comfort and performance.
  • The role requires balancing attentiveness to players’ needs with staying out of the way during games and practices.

Additional Benefits:

  • NFL waterboys receive a competitive salary, which can increase with experience.
  • They are offered full health insurance coverage, including dental and mental health care.
  • Paid leave benefits include 16 weeks of parental leave, two weeks of family leave, and 12 paid holidays.
  • Waterboys also enjoy team-centered perks like free tickets to NFL games, discounts on NFL merchandise, and opportunities to travel with the team.

Career Advancement:

  • The position is often seen as a stepping stone towards a career in NFL coaching.
  • Waterboys work closely with coaches, trainers, and medical professionals, gaining valuable insights into professional sports management.

Gender Inclusivity:

  • The role of an NFL waterboy is not limited by gender; both men and women can hold this position.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Being An NFL Waterboy

How To Become A Waterboy In The NFL

Educational Requirements:

  • A high school pass certificate is typically the minimum educational requirement.
  • Good management and communication skills are essential.

Networking and Connections:

  • Networking with NFL players and other professionals in the field is crucial.
  • Qualifications are important, but connections often play a more significant role.
  • Some clubs may hire through more conventional methods or use interns to save costs.

Application Process:

  1. Visit the Official NFL Website: Start by checking the NFL’s official website for any openings.
  2. Select the Team or League Link: Look for information on internships and entry-level positions.
  3. Choose Between Intern and Entry-Level Positions: Decide which type of position suits you best.
  4. Submit Your Application: Click on the relevant link and upload your resume.

Understanding the Hiring Practices:

  • Learn about the hiring practices used by different teams.
  • Some teams may conduct trials or use other methods for selection.
  • Inquire about the qualities teams look for during employment.

Duties of an NFL Waterboy:

  • Provide water to players during practice and games.
  • Be alert and prepared to meet players’ hydration needs at all times.
  • May also involve tasks like retrieving training equipment or managing towels.

Salary Expectations:

  • The typical starting salary for an NFL waterboy is approximately $53,000 annually.

Opportunities for Advancement:

  • Effective performance as a waterboy can lead to promotion to assistant status.

Comparing NFL Waterboy with NBA Positions

NFL Waterboy:

  • Salary: The average salary of an NFL waterboy is around $53,000 a year. This can vary based on experience and the specific team.
  • Responsibilities: The primary duty is to ensure players are hydrated during games and practices. They also provide towels and other necessities, trying not to interfere with the action.
  • Qualifications: Typically requires at least a high school degree. Experience with a college football team can be beneficial.
  • Perks: Includes traveling with the team, receiving game-used free gear, and potentially developing close relationships with players.

NBA Positions (General Comparison):

  • Salary: The salary for similar positions in the NBA, such as waterboys, can vary. For instance, NBA mascots earn up to $45,000 per year, and NBA waterboys have an average salary of around $35,000, which can increase with experience.
  • Responsibilities: Similar to NFL waterboys, they are responsible for player hydration and support during games and practices.
  • Qualifications: Likely similar requirements, including a high school diploma and relevant experience in sports management or support.
  • Perks: May include access to games, interaction with players, and other team-related benefits.


1. Do NFL waterboys travel with the team for away games?

Ans. Yes, NFL waterboys typically travel with the team for away games. This is part of their role in ensuring player hydration and support, regardless of the game’s location.

2. Is there a specific age requirement to become an NFL waterboy?

Ans. There isn’t a specific age requirement mentioned for becoming an NFL waterboy. However, candidates are generally expected to have at least a high school diploma, suggesting that they should be at least 18 years old.

3. Can women apply for the NFL waterboy position?

Ans. Absolutely. The term ‘waterboy’ is traditional, but the role is not gender-specific. Women can apply for this position and have equal opportunities to serve in this role within NFL teams.

4. How competitive is it to get a job as an NFL waterboy?

Ans. It can be quite competitive to secure a position as an NFL waterboy. Many teams prefer to hire through internal connections, and the number of available positions is limited.

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