Shadow Boxing: Mastering the Art of Solo Martial Arts Training

Shadow boxing is a highly intense aerobic exercise. On the other hand, you may say that shadow punching or shadowboxing is a boxing workout mixed with fun. Shadowboxing is quite effective. But, if you do not have punching bags, you may practice it with shadow-boxing drills.

You can practice with freestyle or combos. So, you may not be a gym freak. Then, you must know how to shadowbox at home. 

Don’t worry! We have brought 6 shadowboxing drills or combos to make your skills sharper even at home. Keep reading. 

1. High Jab, Low Jab, Cross (Low 1, High 1, 2)

Shadow Boxing

This is the simplest shadowboxing combo. High and low jab and cross enhance the movement of the entire body. You will have to make lower-body movements to differentiate between a high jab and a low jab.

you will have to bend your knees to move the portion of your body. You should do the combo the following way:  (‘high 1/ high 1/ low 1/ low 1/ 2’)

2. Cross, Lead Hook, Cross, Lead Upper (2,3,2,5)

Shadow Boxing

In this combo, one movement triggers the next. The more power you use to do the cross, the more strong will be your lead hook. To practice this combo, you should rotate your back 90 degrees. Thus, you can engage your lower body like you are fighting your opponent. 

3. Jab, Cross, Lead Hook (Face and then Body), Cross (1,2,3 [Face], 3 [Body], 2)

Shadow Boxing

This drill or combo is quite the same as the first one. However, the only contrast between a lead hook to the body and a lead hook to the face is in your legs. You need to make a rear-level change in the lower portion of the body. After that, follow the strike placement. 

Do the Cross in this boxing shadow like this: (‘Cross/ Slip/ Cross). If you want to modify it, make it this way: (Jab/ Cross/ Slip/ Cross/ Lead Hook (face, and then body)/ Cross/ Slip/ Cross’) 

4. Lead Hook, Cross, Lead Hook, Pivot, Jab (Twice), Cross (2,3, Pivot, 1, 1, 2)

Shadow Boxing

To do this combo, rotate the legs clockwise and 90 degrees. Remember that your body should follow this specific movement. You should do 4 pivots and return where you began. 

You should move forward when you are doing double jabs and crosses. You’ll need this combo when you are about to push your co-fighter.  

5. Rear Upper, Lead Hook, Cross, Slip, Cross (6, 3, 2, Slip, 2)

Shadow Boxing

You’ll need to make all the strikes tight in this drill. Make your first 2 strikes concise. Thus, you will be able to do the cross, slip, and cross with full control of your body. To modify it, do it like this: (‘6/ 6/ 3/ 3/ 2/ Slip/ 2’)

6. Jab, Slip, Jab, Rear Hook, Lead Upper, Duck (1, Slip,1,4,5, Duck)

Shadow Boxing

Slip is considered a small movement in your upper body. You should move your shoulders like you are diving a sharp boxing punch. You also need to make lower-body movements. Move backward to do the last three moves. 

What Is Shadowboxing For Fun and Exercise?

Shadowboxing is itself a fun exercise. But, with some tips and tricks, you will be able to make shadowboxing funnier. 

We have listed the tips below for you.

  • You just need to have the right stance. After that, slowly make the punches for at least 1 minute. 
  • Select a speed and practice punches for at least 3 minutes.
  • Practice footwork to keep your skills sharper.
  • You must take a rest after each practice session.
  • Practice shadowboxing in slow motion. 

Safety Consideration

  • Do not be too impulsive while practicing shadowboxing. 
  • Emphasis on your body movements.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  • Don’t overtrain yourself. 
  • Place a target and practice shots on it.
  • Always learn by watching your co-fighters. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How do you train for shadowboxing?
Ans. Here are some tips that can help you train for shadowboxing.

  • Always stay focused.
  • When you are just a beginner, you should practice shadowboxing using a mirror. 
  • Never make full punches.
  • Practice each session for 3 minutes.

Q2. Is 30 minutes of shadowboxing good?
Ans. Yes, if you practice shadowboxing for 30 minutes every day, it is quite fruitful for you. You will be able to maintain your body weight and build muscles as well. But, never forget to drink water as required. However, if you do other exercises, you can increase or decrease your shadowboxing timing. 

Q3. Is it okay to shadow box every day?
Ans. Yes. you can practice shadowboxing every day. It will make your combat skills stronger and sharper. Pack within 30 minutes. That’s enough. 

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