Boxing with Resistance Bands: Supercharge Your Training

Boxing with resistance bands should be your go-to exercise to add higher intensity to your daily workout routine. Shadowboxing influences your overall agility and helps strengthen your muscles. It can be a great warm-up exercise, to begin with before you transition to your heavier workout regime.

Shadowboxing is a great way to hone your punching skills. If you are an aspiring or experienced boxer, shadowboxing allows you to imagine an opponent to practice your moves. This is a great way to improve your skills when you lack the necessary equipment.

Even an athlete finds it highly beneficial as shadowboxing elevates spontaneity and power. This blog will tell you everything about the types of resistance bands for shadowboxing with the benefits and side effects of this workout. 

Different Types Of Shadow Boxing Resistance Bands

 A diverse range of resistance bands for shadowboxing in the market. We will talk about the three major categories to have a clear idea about these bands.

1. Resistance Body Bands (Without Handles)

This type of resistance band for shadowboxing targets your muscles around the thighs and the ankle portion to increase the power of your leg region. You need to wear a resistance body band around your thighs or ankles while shadowboxing.

It will strengthen your hip region giving you the proper posture and agility in the ring. In addition, you will witness an incredible improvement in your overall body balance.

2. Resistance Band Tubes (With Handles)

Resistance band tubes are easier to use with handles attached to them. Using these resistance bands for shadowboxing, practicing straight punches like an uppercut or a jab becomes effective. These resistance bands for boxers will increase your power and helps you to focus on your speed.

You will have to throw the punches pushing against the resistance bands. Once you start using these bands there’s no going back. These bands help in other types of strength exercises as well.

3. Shadow Boxing Resistance Suit

Resistance band suits are a combination of the types mentioned above. No wonder their popularity is increasing with each passing day. These resistance bands are carefully designed to specifically meet the needs of shadowboxing.

These resistance suits have a belt with four resistance bands. You need to attach the straps to your arms and legs and start throwing punches and kicks against the resistance. 

Benefits Of Shadow Boxing With Resistance Bands

Though traditional trainers think shadow boxing with resistance bands is simply a marketing gimmick, there are a lot of benefits to using the bands. These resistance bands genuinely help strengthen your muscles and increase your agility. Here’s a list of pros of using resistance bands for shadowboxing

1. Allows You To Try Different Workouts

Going through the same workout regimes every day can be extremely tiring and boring. Shadow Boxing with resistance bands allows you to diversify your training session. Training becomes fun when mixing and matching different exercises in your training routine. Every day you can try different combinations and work on other parts of your body without boredom.

2. A Great Way To Come Back From Injuries

Shadowboxing with resistance bands is a brilliant way to work out when you are recovering from a physical injury. A muscle injury in the shoulders (cuff) or in the hip regions will restrict you from performing a lot of exercises.

Your physiotherapist may recommend you not lift heavy weights. Resistance bands come to your rescue in such cases. They allow you to keep exercising without putting too much pressure.

3. Enhances Your Agility And Strength

Once you start practicing with shadow boxing with resistance bands you will see a stark difference in your muscle strength and speed. This will help you to carry out other forms of exercise like boxing with heavy bags and lifting heavy weights.

The best part about resistance bands for shadowboxing is their straps that stay attached to your arms and legs thus keeping your hands free. This gives you an added advantage to wear boxing gloves while practicing shadow boxing.

4. A Great Way For Indoor Workouts With Minimal Equipment

Many of us don’t like going to the gym regularly for a workout session, while many travel throughout the year. Resistance bands for shadowboxing offer an excellent way for training anywhere with bands that are easy to carry around. Resistance bands come in handy in such cases.

5. Relies More On Resistance Rather Than Gravity

Using weights like light dumbbells or egg weights pulls down your arms toward the ground. With these types of equipment, you need to work out against gravity. The best part about shadowboxing with resistance bands is that it allows you to work against the band’s resistance, which is not that high, allowing you to work out longer and focus on your punching style.

6. Ideal For Conditioning Drills With A Large Number Of Reps

Resistance bands for shadow boxing are lighter compared to weight equipment like a dumbbell. This allows you to perform more reps in your workout regimen. So, a resistance band becomes an excellent choice for performing conditioning drills.

Problems With Using Resistance Bands For Shadowboxing

Like any other training equipment, resistance bands also come with certain cons. While incorporating shadowboxing with resistance bands in your daily workout routine, you must keep these problems in mind and work out ]\ accordingly.

1. Allows Limited Movements

The resistance bands themselves can become the cause of restricted movement while punching. Punches like uppercuts can be hard to do with the resistance bands and can cause pain. It’s highly recommended that you choose resistance bands of the size that provides the right amount of elasticity for your workout. 

2. If Used Regularly, May Ruin Your Technique

If you incorporate shadowboxing with resistance bands in your daily routine, you will lose out on your boxing technique and won’t be able to become a professional boxer. The high resistance of these bands makes you lazy when you move on to practice with punching bags. So, you can’t think about defensive movements.

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