How Much Does An NFL Referee Make? [2023 Updated]

You may be a crazy fan of the NFL and watch every match and every possible detail. But have you ever thought of the NFL referees? I mean, being a referee of the NFL is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be a very skilled person to be a referee in the NFL.

So, in the middle of the high-pressure task, how much does an NFL referee make? What is the salary of a referee in the NFL? Undoubtedly the referees in the NFL are highly paid because they have to go through a lot of pressure.

Well, the NFL always keeps the salary of a referee a secret. What I mean to say is that they never reveal the exact amount of money they pay their referees. However, researchers have done multiple studies to know the average salary of an NFL referee. In this guide, I will reveal how much money an NFL referee can make in a match. So, keep reading this guide to the end.  

How Much Do NFL Referees Make In 1 Game?

How Much Does An NFL Referee Make

So, let me discuss first how much an NFL referee makes in 1 game. Studies showed us that the average salary of an NFL referee is 250,000 dollars in the year 2019. However, in previous years like from 2015 to 2018, they were paid almost 150,000 dollars. So, you can see that this was a huge salary increment for the referees.  

However, the NFL does pay its referees for every game. Rather, the NFL pays its referees a flat amount of money for each season with the amount of every match. So, they get a handsome amount of money. If the referees are selected for the postseason match, their salaries will be increased. The salary of the postseason game is double the in-season match amount.

However, it is officially published that the highest amount a referee gets paid is 1,500 dollars. Even, the amount gets increased every year.

How Much Do NFL Referees Make To Work The Super Bowl?

Being a referee is a tough job because he has to stand in a position in every match so that he can keep an eye on every player on the field. Now, the question is: How much do NFL referees make to work the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl referee gets a high amount of salary. Official studies have revealed that a Super Bowl referee earns from 40,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars for every game season. Sometimes, this amount even gets higher for some special matches in the NFL. The salary of a Super Bowl referee also depends on their experience and their role in the game.

Who Is The Highest-Paid NFL Referee?

How Much Does An NFL Referee Make

So, do you want to know more about the referees in the NFL? Well, if so, many queries can come to your mind. You might wonder: Who is the highest-paid NFL referee till now?

According to the official reports, Walt Anderson and Bard Allen are the highest-paid male referees in the year 2020- 2021. If you ask for the female, Sarah Thomas was the person who got paid the highest for being an NFL referee. But, if you ask the exact amount about their salary, then I am sorry. The NFL never disclosed the exact amount of their salaries.

Is Refereeing In The NFL A Full-Time Job?

So, a question might come to your mindIs refereeing in the NFL a full-time job? Well, there was a time when you had to be a full-time referee in the NFL. The NFL made an experiment where the official heads of the NFL made 20 percent of their referees full-timers, based on their experience and role.

But, at present, that system was removed from the NFL. Now, instead of making their referees full-timers, the NFL is hiring their referees as part-timers. But they can be engaged as full-timers if the officials need them to be.

To Summarize

So, here is every detail about the NFL referees and their salaries. NFL referees are very sincere and they do their best every season. So, they should get a handsome amount of money as their salary.

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