Welcome to my first blog! I’m just going to update you a little bit about me.

I am currently working at a private health club in South Kensington London called KX. I am working with a number of clients to achieve their optimal body composition whether that is to increase muscle, decrease body fat or general fitness; I go into detail with specific dietary guidance; I look deeply into their sleep and overall lifestyle.

I have been working with Carl Frampton, a professional boxer who has won numerous amateur national titles and international. He has since turned pro under my dad and I have been writing his diets, strength training and helping out with his boxing.

For me it is exciting times because Carl is such a great athlete. Every bit of nutritional advice I give him he follows meticulously. In his last two fights I got him below 3% body fat and 4lbs lighter then he fought as an amateur. And he feels stronger at the lighter weight!

I have recently come back from an internship with John Connor at the Irish Strength Institute in Dublin. John is the right hand man of Charles Poliquin who is the worlds best strength coach without a shadow of a doubt! I learnt some priceless information on how to get athletes to their peak performance, which I will discuss at a later date.

Will update you all soon and hope you enjoyed the 1st blog!


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