Trying Crazy Time Demo Online: Discover All The Secrets of the Game

Crazy Time is an exciting game show and a variation of the popular Money Wheel of Luck game. The slot is played using a large upright wheel with 54 sectors, which is spun by the host. Each spin of the wheel also gets a random multiplier. This review will detail the Crazy Time demo version’s features. Get started!

How to play Crazy Time online

The action occurs in a colorful game studio where the money wheel takes center stage. Crazy Time is elementary to play as all you have to do is bet on the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10 and the bonus or themed games.

In the base game, the Top Slot spins with the leading money wheel and generates a multiplier added to one of the numbers or bonus games. The game manager then starts spinning the money wheel. If it has generated a bet multiplier, you get your bet back, which is multiplied by the assigned multiplier. If the wheel stops on one of the themed titles, the bonus game starts, which can give you a huge win.

Along with the numerical sectors, you have 8 different betting options. The bets must be placed within 15 seconds. After this, the game manager spins the money wheel with 54 segments. To be more precise, there are 45 number segments, 4 Coin Flip segments, 2 Cash Hunt segments, 2 Pachinko segments, and 1 Crazy Time segment.

Options for betting on numbers in Crazy Time

You only have 4 options: bet on 1, 2, 5 or 10. If the Crazy Time money wheel lands on your number, you win an amount based on the bet multiplied by that number. Similarly, if you place a lucky bet of €5 on a number, you win €5×2=€10.

Betting on the 4 bonus games

In addition to the 4 different number bets, there are 4 bonus games; Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. Suppose the wheel falls on any of these bonuses. In that case, you can participate and win prizes with a multiplier, provided you have placed a wager on that bonus beforehand. If you didn’t place a bet on the triggered bonus, you’ll enjoy watching the fun begin for other players!

Bonus Games in Crazy Time

There are nine different bonus rounds available on the game wheel during the Crazy Time entertainment show:

  • Coin Flip (4 times),
  • Cash Hunt (2 times),
  • Pachinko (2 times),
  • Crazy Time (1 time).

Although the Coin Flip bonus round is the most frequent, the game’s statistics can sometimes alter conventional wagering probabilities. Nevertheless, the most significant wins are usually associated with stopping the wheel exactly on the Crazy Time bonus game, where the most coveted jackpot awaits players.

Crazy Time demo features

We are used to the fact that the demo mode of a slot machine is a complete copy of the game with the same game mechanics, bonuses, and rules. Casinos offer the user of the demo mode a deposit of virtual money. In the process, the player makes bets, actively uses bonuses, and learns how to bet correctly in practice. The only disadvantage in this case is that you can not withdraw money to real accounts.

However, in Crazy Time, demo play will have to play differently. The fact is that crazy time is a live game. The host spins the wheel, and players watch in real-time and make bets. During the game, the host actively interacts with the players. You can’t play Crazy Time for free and make conditional bets. Such a concept as a demo account, Crazy Time, does not exist. Judge for yourself: participation in the live players from the demo mode would “break” the entire gameplay. And so, we are left only to observe.

But this does not mean that the demo mode of Crazy Time is useless. He gives several opportunities:

  • learn the rules of the game;
  • view game statistics;
  • study the tactics of experienced gamblers;
  • watch the spinning wheel and the behavior of the croupier;
  • practice making predictions;
  • build your own winning tactics.

Another feature of Crazy Time demo mode that distinguishes it from regular slots is mandatory registration. Players without a personal account and at least a minimum deposit will not be able to play the Сrazy Time demo version.

Where to play Crazy Time demo mode

Crazy Time demo mode is available on any site with the live game, like on and we recommend choosing only a reliable casino with a “clean” reputation. Remember, to access the casino demo mode, you must sign up with your personal account. Your personal data will be in danger if you choose an unreliable casino. Check if the casino has a license, read reviews on independent sites, and ensure you are delighted with the deposit and withdrawal system.

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