Effective Speed Bag Workout to Improve Your Boxing Technique

The contenders use different techniques to improve their speed and skills through which they can stand out in boxing competitions. Boxing requires training at the core level with conditioning exercises that may keep you fit and prepared for competitions all the time. 

Speed Bag Workout is one of the common things that you have heard about the contenders. A Speed Bag is a staple that is used to improve efficiency with speed and endurance. 

Looking for the best quality speed bags? Well, you have come to the right place where we’ve got you covered everything with what a speed bag is, its types, and its benefits. 

What Is A Speed Bag?

We all are familiar with different types of punching bags available in the market with different qualities and features. A heavy punching bag helps to improve footwork and speed. While a speed bag is quite different from all others.

It is a small bag that hands with the help of a cord in order to provide a minimal range of motion. It is small in size but it is quite challenging because it comes back quickly, as it has a short range. 

These speed bags play an integral role in the life of a pro boxer who keeps working out for a long time with these bags. In fact, it is a perfect option for beginners also to prepare themselves with precision. 

How The Speed Bag Works

Speed Bag works as a boxing gym at home when you are unable to visit your studio. For more efficiency, you need to add extra support so that it can work smoothly. 

Speed Bag Swivel is one of the important components, which adheres the bag to the board so that it couldn’t change its position during the intense hit. It mainly depends on the setup you are going with, you may also need to add more than one swivel for better support. 

If we talk about its material then the outer material consists of heavy leather or synthetic, which is stitched to keep it more durable. Inside, there is a soft rubber bladder that inflated during setup. 

It has a teardrop shape, which allows users to strike as hard as they can. Well, if you are a beginner then you should opt for a large-size speed bag so that you can maintain accuracy without getting frustrated. 

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Benefits Of Speed Bag Training

There are numerous benefits of going for speed bag training. Below, we have mentioned some of its benefits. 

speed bag workout

1. Improves Endurance

Speed Bag is one of the most challenging jobs that a boxer has to do. It competes with you because it never stops, and you have to show your dedication level.

You will get to know how long you can last, is this sufficient to fight in the ring.  The continued workout will help to build endurance in your upper body and prepare you for challenging situations. 

2. Improves Accuracy

Ultimately, the main goal of Speed Bag Training is to have better hand-eye coordination so that you can always stay quick in the ring. Your punches will be more accurate when you practice on different types of speed bags for drills whatever the hitting position is. 

3. Improve Pacing Techniques

Together with building the endurance of your body, it will also help in improving pacing techniques. It will help in letting you know when to move forward for punches and give you a better understanding of boxing combinations to fire your muscles. 

4. Improving Cardiovascular Health. 

Speed Bag Training prevents you from Cardiovascular Health Diseases and keeps you healthy all the time. This workout burns more calories, improves heart health, strengthens heart and lung conditions, and has various other benefits, which will be very helpful in improving Cardiovascular Health.

5. Enhance Speed

One of the main benefits of Speed Bag Training is that it increases overall punching speed. Moreover, it will be very helpful to improve reaction time and you will be quicker in the ring and can stay ahead of your competition. 

Equipment You’ll Need

speed bag workout

To take advantage of the speed bag workout, it is essential that you have all the relevant equipment that can give you the most out of the training. 

1. Footwear

Proper footwear is also essential whether you are working in the studio or at home. Continued movement of your legs in training can sprain your legs and that’s why high-quality boxing shoes are necessary so that you can work out with more efficiency. 

2. Speed Bag

A Speed Bag is a well-known essential thing that you need to practice. You need to make sure that the speed bag is hung properly so that you can practice without any hassles. For that, you need to opt for the best speed bag available in the market. 

3. Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps are essential tools that will help to make your workout more effective. It will prevent your hands and knuckles from injury. Many people opt for normal gloves but having hand wraps can train without suffering any pain or injury. You can also consult with a coach for a better recommendation. 

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The Five Best Speed Bag Workouts

Now, if you are looking to start Speed Bag workouts then here are the best suggestions for optimum results. 

speed bag workout

1. Speed Bag Drill One: Backward Hits

Backward hits are different from the above workouts. The starting will be the same where you need to stand in front of the speed bag with a proper stance. Now, you need to strike the bag only with a single hand. Rather than striking the bag from outward your body, this time, you have to strike back towards yourself.

The same circular pattern you have to follow that you did in the first drill. Here, you have to hit the speed bag from the index finger. The constant practice will make you an expert and you can focus on improving speed and accuracy. 

2. Speed Bag Drill Two: Same-Side Hits

Drill Three means using alternate hands to keep striking the speed bag. However, you need to make sure to approach from the same side. That’s why you need to keep your left and right fists above the right shoulder. 

Just hit the bag alternately with your left and right hands. Then just take both your hand fists above the left shoulder. Start practicing constantly to work on muscles and get ready for big tournaments. 

3. Speed Bag Drill Three: The X

Drill Two is an advanced-level speed bag, which is a good option for beginners. Yes, it will take some time to properly coordinate, so always come to a proper stance before going to strike the speed bag. 

To start with this speed bag, you need to raise your hand and elbow to come into a position. Now you need to move your hands in the X pattern. Then start hitting the bag one by one. You will be in a rhythm in a few sessions then you can start speeding up to start enduring yourself. 

4. Speed Bag Drill Four: Alternating Front To Back

This is the final drill, which requires an advanced level of hand-eye coordination to keep it going. So, just come to the stance by facing the bag. Here, you have to use only one hand to strike the bag. 

However, you have to strike from the front and then immediately move to the back side and come back towards you again just as we did in drill four. Here again, you have to hit the speed bag from your index finger.

For more perfection, you need to follow an eight-style motion to complete this move. Once you have done with a single hand, now just switch to another hand and follow the same process to intensify your workout. 

5. Speed Bag Drill five: Arm Circles

Speed Bag Drill One is the basic type that could be a good choice to enhance coordination. You just need to stand in front of the speed bag and come into the boxing position. No matter whether you are right-hand or left-hand, it can be a good option for you. 

You can start by keeping your hands and elbow up and then make a right fist. Then you need to start hitting downward in a circular motion when you strike the speed bag. It will take some time to get a rhythm, once you are done with it, you can switch your arms at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is using a speed bag a good workout?
Ans. Yes, using a speed bag can help in the endurance of your upper body muscles. Moreover, it also improves hand-eye coordination exponentially. 

Q2. How long should a speed bag workout be?
Ans. It depends on your caliber, if you are a beginner then you can start with 30 seconds or 1-minute sets. With consistency, you can increase overall speed. 

Q3. Can you build muscle with a speed bag?
Ans. Yes, constant hitting on speed bags can help in building muscles. Your chest, arms, shoulder, back, and legs will engage thoroughly in the workout. 

Q4. Do speed bags build muscle?
Ans. Speed bags do not build muscle as effectively as other exercises, but they can help to tone and sculpt the upper body.

Q5. What is the proper way to hit a speed bag?
Ans. Hit the bag with the top of your knuckles in a smooth, circular motion, counting the rebounds to keep a consistent rhythm.

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