Unlock Your Boxing Drills: Mastering Top 10 Power Punching Drills

Medicine ball throw, Plyometric Push-Ups, and Squats with Medicine Ball are some of punching these great boxers use to ace their game. While technique, speed, and mental toughness are important factors in becoming a great boxer. Having a hard punch doesn’t hurt.

No matter how the battle is going, one stunning strike may shift it decisively in your favour. The type of deadly hitting ability that boxing greats like Mike Tyson, George Foreman, and Rocky Marciano displayed in the ring is regrettably not innate in every human being.

The majority of boxers must train arduously to increase their punching force. Punching power is fortunately one of those abilities that may be significantly increased with practise. Let’s focus on top power punches routines to speed up your boxing skills without further ado.

1. Plyometric Pushups


Your shoulders, arms, and chest—the main body parts that generate force in your punches—get stronger and faster during plyometric pushups. The exercise is similar to a traditional pushup with one major difference: you blast off the ground at the end of each rep.

You can start by getting into a high plank posture with your hands shoulder-width apart. Maintain your abs and core tight as you drop down as if completing a conventional pushup, then burst off the ground as you push off it. You may make the workout more difficult by clapping your hands as you explode off the ground. 

2. Medicine Ball Throw


The secret to packing more punch is to educate your arms to be more explosive and to increase the power generated by your punching muscle fibres. The strategies that can assist in doing this are lie on your back and toss a hefty medicine ball as high as you can while pushing upward from your chest.

Repeat catching the ball with both hands until weariness sets in. Apart from this, take a medium-weight medicine ball in the palm of one hand and push forward as hard as you can while standing erect in your boxing stance. 

3. Shadow Boxing


Although it may not appear so, shadowboxing is excellent for boosting striking power because it requires you to concentrate on technique and execution. The better your form, the more powerful your punches will be. This implies that more of the muscular strength you’ve built will end up at the tip of your glove.

Shadowbox in front of a mirror under the supervision of a trainer or a boxing partner, paying particular attention to technique and the manner you deliver blows. The workout will improve head movement, defence, and footwork, making you a better all-around fighter. 

4. Chin-Ups


Chin-ups are ideal for developing opposing (antagonist) muscles in addition to the pecs, anterior deltoids, triceps. Other key muscle groups involved in punching. Make the most of it by doing them with increasing resistance as you go.

5. Heavy Bag


The key to getting the most out of your heavy bag workouts is to imagine the bag as a real opponent and to maintain your technique clean while working. You don’t want to stand in front of a heavy bag and punch blindly. To begin with a heavy bag, punch for 15 seconds at a time, followed by 15-second pauses. Wear wrist weights to make things more interesting if you want a more challenging workout.

6. Box of Rice


Here’s an unusual exercise that enhances your striking strength while also allowing you to track your progress. It also strengthens the structures in your hands, lowering your chances of damage when throwing punches.Fill a bucket halfway with rice or sand.

Sand, on the other hand, is more suited for individuals with drill expertise. Furthermore, twist your wrists and release the handfuls of rice. Repeat for as many reps as you can in five minutes and work your way up from there.

7. Rotation

Top 10 Power Punching Drills

When you punch, rotate your torso to boost the force of your attacks. It’s one of the first things you learn in boxing since failing to do so results in drastically weakened strikes. The more the torque you can produce by twisting your torso, the more powerful your punches will be.

Hold a large medicine ball with both hands while standing erect to complete this practise. Keep the ball at chest height and your hands straight in front of you. Apart from this, begin twisting your torso consistently from right to left.

8. Combine Squats and Lunges


Combining split squats and lunges is a fantastic option for efficient athletes because full squats may add weight and drive you up a weight class and lunges reproduce movement patterns commonly utilised in the ring.

9. Squats with Medicine Ball


If you’re preparing for boxing, the majority of your hitting power will come from your legs. Squats using a medicine ball can help you build a stronger foundation. Your legs provide the majority of the force in your blows. They are the foundation of your strength and technique, thus strengthening your leg muscles is critical.

 10. Speed Bag Drills

Top 10 Power Punching Drills

Speed bag workouts do not immediately enhance your striking power. Instead, it boosts your speed, which in turn boosts your hitting strength. It’s basic physics: the quicker something goes, the harder it hits anything in its path. Speed bags also increase hand-eye coordination, which improves punch accuracy. Set a timer and pound the speed bag for three minutes at a time, taking one-minute pauses in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do you punch with a lot of power ?
Ans. The speed bag aids you in a multitude of ways, but contrary to common perception, it was not created to boost hand speed. Instead, it helps with hand-to-eye coordination, timing, and keeping one’s hands up. Plyometrics, on the other hand, is a type of workout that focuses on explosive force and movement. Working on your punches’ explosiveness can increase your overall hand speed.

Q.2 What is a power punch exercise ?
Ans. As you might assume, one of the greatest strategies to develop a powerful punch is to punch as much as possible. You’ll practise throwing punches slowly and methodically during your striking routines. Punching practise will help you polish your technique and gain strength.

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